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Brownie Stack


Our brownie stacks make a great centre piece and are a sure-fire way to impress and please guests at any wedding or event.

We provide the brownie in slabs measuring 32cm x 18cm x 2cm with a minimum order of 6 slabs. You will get around 24 small pieces of brownie from each tray, and they are available in the following flavours (you can mix and match):

White Choc Chunk
Choc Orange
Mint Choc
Salted Caramel

The cost is £18 per slab, and there is a delivery charge of £15 per 10 trays for next day delivery (Mon to Fri) in the UK, or you can collect from Sk11 6RE.

We recommend that you display the brownies on a cut log, or a tiered stand interspersed with fresh summer fruits or flowers.

Shelf life is around 10 days in an air tight container or alternatively the brownies can be frozen.

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